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They say “necessity is the mother of invention.” We are a small greenhouse producer in central New York . When we had an overabundance of cull tomatoes in our greenhouses, we searched for ways to turn them into a value added product. With some updates to some tried and true family recipes and the help of the great folks at Nelson Farms, near Morrisville , NY , the “Old Goat” food line was born.

Each one of our salsas are a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors that combine delicious fruit with our homegrown tomatoes, spices and herbs. 

We do not use pesticides in our tomato, pepper and herb production. We grow our tomatoes, in coir, which is a material made of coconut fiber and we fertilize with chicken manure.  By growing tomatoes undercover we greatly reduce the incidence of “late blight” in our crop and extend our growing season.

Meet the Kids

Spike, Vinca and Violet, our three pygmy goats, make up our “quality control team”. We know the tomatoes are ready to be picked, when we see the “quality control team” being chased out of the greenhouses, by the “Old Goat” himself,( my husband), after an unauthorized taste testing,

The goats are triplets, and we’ve matched the salsa to their personalities. “Spike” is the big brother of the three, strong willed and stubborn, so he’d like you to try: Spike’s Hot Fruit Salsa. “ Violet” is the mild – mannered, good – natured middle “kid”, she’d like you to try: Violet’s Medium Fruit Salsa. “Vinca,” is our gentle baby boy, he’d like you to try: Vinca’s Sweet Fruit Salsa. His salsa is a favorite with human “kids” because it’s not spicy at all!

All “kidding” aside, we hope you’ll try all the Old Goat Salsa, Jams and Sauces! Enjoy!

About Our Farm

Our farm is located on 9 acres just off Route 233 in Westmoreland on South Street, between Route 5 and the NYS Thruway..

We are very proud to be a NOFA-NY “Farmer Pledge” farm.  We grow in heated greenhouses, hoophouses as Well as in the field.  Our emphasis is on growing heirloom veggies and some unique hybrids.  We are committed To growing using organic, non-GMO seeds.  We use no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on our Farm.